Aug 17, 2022 • 7M

Escalating Misfortunes

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John McVey
An Intuitive, Mystic, and Blogger. John is an avid spiritual seeker and has been researching spiritual, metaphysical, and related topics for much of his adult life. "My personal study over the years led to my adopting a mainly spiritual philosophy. My philosophy is that it is up to all to decide for themselves who they are. We all feel our way through life as best we can, learning and growing as we go. But we live in a world where we get bombarded with perspectives, teachings, and points of view. What to believe? Who to listen to? And all that time your answers lie within, not without."

Have you ever tried making up with someone after a disagreement that was dominated by mutual point-scoring? It’s hard, isn’t it? The gap can get so wide that reconciliation feels nigh impossible, even though the original disagreement may have been trivial.

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